David Koepsell

Technology University of Delft — Delft, The Netherlands

Dr. Koepsell earned his Law degree and Doctorate in Philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo. In addition to practicing law for eight years, he is adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SUNY, specializing in Legal Philosophy, Ontology and Ethics. His dissertation, entitled "The Ontology of Cyberspace: Law, Philosophy, and the Future of Intellectual Property," was published by Open Court in 2000. He continues to write and publish articles and books on law, philosophy, and ethics.

Prof. Koepsell has lectured on a variety of subjects in Madrid, Turin, Rome, as well as throughout the Unites States. His publications include a number of articles in scholarly journals and the following books: Reboot World, (New York: Writer's Club Press) and Searle on the Institutions of Social Reality, co-edited with Laurence Moss, (Oxford UK: Blackwell).  He is currently an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Technology University of Delft, in the Netherlands.

He can be reached via e-mail at drkoepsell [at] yahoo [dot] com.