Eric Maisel

Personal Life Media Network — San Francisco, CA

Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than forty books on a variety of subjects, among them atheism, creativity, depression, anxiety, and addiction. His books include The Atheist’s WayThe Future of Mental Health, The Van Gogh Blues, Fearless CreatingRethinking Depression, and Why Smart People Hurt. His recent writings are on the future of mental health services provision, a new mental health helper (the human experience specialist), the paradigm shift from seeking meaning to making meaning, the existential roots of depression, anxiety, and addiction, and the next steps in atheist living.

Dr. Maisel holds degrees in philosophy (B.S.), psychology (B.A.), creative writing (M.A.), counseling (M.S.), and counseling psychology (PhD). He is a California licensed marriage and family therapist, founded the fields of creativity coaching and meaning coaching, hosts two shows on the Personal Life Media Network, and writes a monthly column for Art Calendar magazine. 

Eric can be reached via e-mail at ericmaisel [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Watch Eric talk about his book The Atheist's Way:

Topic(s): Atheism & Secularism, Philosophy, Psychology

Sub-topic(s): Coming out atheist, Meaning of life, Mental illness