Sara Mayhew

Kirkland Lake, ON

International award-winning mangaka and 2009 TED Fellowship member, Sara E. Mayhew is a Canadian writer and illustrator striving to produce manga that promotes critical thinking. Canada's prestigious graphic arts magazine, Applied Arts, featured her in their Young Blood article on "new talent commanding our attention." In 2007, the Ontario Arts Council awarded her the Northern Arts grant for her graphic novel, Secrets of Sorcerers. She has spoken on the TED Fellows stage at the TED 2009 conference in Long Beach, CA, and at TEDActive 2010 in Palm Springs, CA. Nokia featured her in their Responsiveness campaign video on her work to promote critical thinking through storytelling. A main program speaker at The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM9) in Las Vegas, NV, Sara is working on producing a new series, Legend of the Ztarr, which features a skeptical and secular humanist young female protagonist.

Her presentations include "Skepticism Through Manga" and "Secular Storytelling."


To learn more, visit, watch her on Youtube, or read about her work with TED. Sara can be reached  

Topic(s): Arts & Entertainment, Education, Humanism, Skepticism

Sub-topic(s): Critical thinking