Yasmine Mohammed

Confessions of an Ex-Muslim — British Columbia, Canada

Yasmine is an Arab-Canadian university educator, activist, and author who has a blog called Confessions of an ExMuslim, and who has recently written a memoir entitled From Al Qaeda to Atheism.

In it, she describes how, even though she was born and raised in North America, she endured the same traumas that are familiar to Muslims across the planet. As a child, she was beaten for not memorizing the Quran. As a teenager, she was forced into a marriage to a member of Al Qaeda (after he was bailed out of prison by Osama bin Laden). And as an adult, she wore a niqab, and lived in a home/prison with paper covering all the windows.

Yet, with nothing but a high school diploma and a baby in tow, she got out.

Despite the dark themes, Yasmine’s message is one of hope to her fellow ex-Muslims, atheists, and freethinkers.

Watch an interview Yasmine gave on The Thinking Atheist:  

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