John Perkins

National Institute of Economic and Industry Research — Melbourne, VIC

Dr. John L Perkins, is an economist, atheist activist and a regular contributor to Freethought magazines. He has qualifications from universities in Melbourne and London, and is a member of the Rationalist Society of Australia, and the Australian Skeptics.

Dr. Perkins is a member of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, the Humanist Society of Victoria, and a founding member and President of the Secular Party of Australia. He works at the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research in Melbourne. His interests include long term global models of world trade and income, with particular application to income distribution, trade policy, resource depletion and global warming issues. His expertise is in statistical analysis, mathematical modelling and software development.

Ian can be reached via e-mail at jperkins [at] secular [dot] org [dot] au

Topic(s): Activism & Organizing, Atheism & Secularism, Humanism, Politics

Sub-topic(s): Community group organizing, Starting a group, Atheist/secular movement, Separation of church and state