Amy Davis Roth

Skepchick — Los Angeles, CA

Amy Davis Roth (A.K.A. Surly Amy) is a 4th generation multimedia artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She the creator of Surly-Ramics. Her designer jewelry line is inspired by and encourages science, humanism, atheism and critical thinking. Amy is a longtime contributor to the widely popular blog She is managing editor for Skepchick's sister site that deals with the intersection between art, science and skepticism called, Mad Art Lab. She loves to add her creative skills to the fight against pseudoscience and ignorance and often speaks out in support of secularism and equal rights. She uses her handmade jewelry to raise money for her Surly Grant program that helps to send women to science and secular events.

Amy has moderated, participated in and or organized panels and workshops with talks at TAM, Skeptrack (Dragon*Con), Convergence, CSICon, SkeptiCAL, American Atheist Con, Geek Girl Con, and Women in Secularism. She's happy to organize panels, moderate panel or discussions or give short talks in any city as long as travel expenses are covered. Her topics are variable depending on what is needed. More info can be found about her can be found at

To learn more, you can visit her YouTube channel.

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Topic(s): Arts & Entertainment, Skepticism, Social Issues & Movements

Sub-topic(s): Art & science, Sex & Sexuality, Pseudoscience, Skeptic movement, Women & gender