Sam Singleton

Independent — New York, NY

Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist is the fictional creation of Roger Scott Jackson. The character and his creator share a childhood of religious fundamentalism, an awakening and embracing of atheism at an early age, and a passion for relating the difficulty of making that transition in ways that are both thought and laughter inducing.  Mr Jackson has been a high school English teacher, a journalist, a comedy writer, and a lifelong student of religious absurdities. His talent lies in his quick and deadly accurate humor in portraying the plight of the non-theist in the USA.

The author generally stays in the shadow of Brother Sam, while his creation commands an online presence through the website, and his Youtube channel, Atheist Evangelist.  Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist makes his greatest impact in his personal appearances and stage performances of the two act comedy “Patriarchs and Penises”, which has been staged in 19 cities across the US and Canada in 2009. Brother Sam has added two new works to his roster of performances, "Cats, Sheep and Goats: The Taxonomy of Atheists, Believers and Preachers" and "Revival" and still performs his earlier works, "If Ocean was Whiskey and God was a Duck" and "Too Big for God." More information on Brother Sam's shows can be found here.

Mr Jackson and/or Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist are available for performances, speaking engagements, panel discussions, and book signings.
Brother Sam notes that he declines to debate theists on the grounds that anybody who professes belief in god lacks the standing to argue—unless they pay highly for the privilege.

Sam can be reached by e-mailing