David Smalley

Dogma Debate — Dallas, TX

David Smalley grew up Christian, but started to question his beliefs as a teenager. His questioning and seeking after the truth led to his atheism and now he is the host of the podcast and radio show Dogma Debate and the founder of Secular Media Group, LLC. David is a secular humanist activist and works toward the goals of equality, social justice, separation of church and state, education and freedom from discrimination of any kind.

David speaks on:

  • Social Justice
  • Secular Parenting
  • How to Talk to Believers
  • View David's talk titled "Sandwich Sensibility" that is about equality and social justice:

    David can be contacted Email them here.

Topic(s): Arts & Entertainment, Atheism & Secularism, Debates, Humanism, Religion, Social Issues & Movements

Sub-topic(s): Coming out atheist, Separation of church and state, Leaving religion