Karen Stollznow

University of California – Berkeley — Berkeley, CA


Dr. Karen Stollznow is a writer, linguist and researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, where she studies and preserves endangered writing systems. She is the author of the books Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic and Red, White and (True) Blue.

Dr. Stollznow devotes her spare time to investigating pseudoscientific and paranormal beliefs and practices.  She is a Host of the Skeptics Society’s Monster Talk podcast and a Research Fellow for the James Randi Educational Foundation. A prolific author and skeptical writer, she is the Good Word columnist for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Bad Language columnist for Skeptic magazine.


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Topic(s): Skepticism

Sub-topic(s): Alternative medicine, Conspiracy theories, Paranormal & fringe-science claims, Pseudoscience, Skeptic movement