Lawrence Torcello

Rochester Institute of Technology — Rochester, NY

Lawrence Torcello received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University at Buffalo. He is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology. He regularly teaches and publishes on issues related to critical thinking, social and political philosophy, moral theory, and bioethics broadly construed (i.e. ethical issues in biology, ecology, and medicine). His current research investigates the philosophical responsibilities implicit to democratic citizenship, and public discourse, with emphasis on the moral implications of anthropogenic climate change and science denialism.

More information about Professor Torcello, and links to his published work, can be found at his philosophy department homepage. Dr. Torcello can be contacted here.

An interview for The Conversation, a project by independent radio producers Aengus Anderson and Micah Saul, can be accessed here.

Audio access to a public lecture, along with a descriptive flyer, delivered at University of Western Australia's Institute of Advanced Studies, can be accessed here.

Some popular essays:

Removing the Rubbish: Consensus, Causation, and DenialScientia Salon, 2015

Limiting global warming to 2C: the philosophy and the science (with Michael E. Mann), The Conversation, 2014

Is misinformation about the climate criminally negligent?, The Conversation, 2014


Topic(s): Biology, Education, Philosophy, Politics, Skepticism

Sub-topic(s): Critical thinking, Science education, Ethics & morality, Naturalism, Science denial