Kimberly Veal

Executive Director, Black Nonbelievers of Chicago, Inc. — Chicago, IL

Kimberly Veal is the Executive Director of Black Nonbelievers of Chicago, Inc., and an Information Technology professional and trainer. Her goals include working toward incorporating information technology in underserved communities to create better access to educational and career opportunities by helping to provide career training, developing programs, goods & services, and a resource center that will encourage and motivate the youth to utilize their talent to create opportunities.

As the Executive Director of Black Nonbelievers of Chicago, Inc., Kimberly seeks to a create solutions-based support to underserved communities. Expansion and support of the minority community of nonbelievers is a major component of the multi-tiered scope of work that she had developed. Facilitating cooperation, motivation, and support of the community to actively work to bridge relations and make positive changes regardless of race, sex, gender identity or roles, belief systems, and socio-economic status is also a major component.

Kimberly is co-host of the weekly Black FreeThinkers internet talk radio show. Black Freethinkers media was launched March 2011 to educate and discuss issues, matters, and solutions that can offer support to the community of nonbelievers and believers. It is through this media and others, she would like to educate and reach a diverse audience base to facilitate a better understanding of one another.

One of her missions is to educate the community about the great contributions and impact that the secular community has had on the progress of social justice in the United States. Many nonbelievers and secularists have been written out of history, when the contributions that they made have benefited everyone. She seeks to correct the revisioned history to honor the pioneers and luminaries who have made valuable contributions to create social justice for all.

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