Phil Zuckerman

Author, Pitzer College — Claremont, CA

Phil Zuckerman is a professor of sociology and the founder of the secular studies program at Pitzer College, in Claremont, California. He is the author of several books on secularity, including The Nonreligious (Oxford, 2016), Living the Secular Life (Penguin, 2015), Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion (Oxford, 2011), and Society Without God (NYU, 2008). He has also edited several books, including the two-volume Atheism and Secularity (Praeger, 2010). He also has a blog, The Secular Life, on He is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and was named by CNN as one of America's most intruiging people in 2011. He lives with his wife and three kids.

Dr. Zuckerman's research has attracted media attention from the New York Times as well as Denmark's Deadline program where he discussed religion and secularism (video below): 

In this video from the LA Times, he discusses secular parenting:



Topic(s): Atheism & Secularism, Religion, Social Issues & Movements, Sociology & Anthropology

Sub-topic(s): Atheist/secular movement, Leaving religion