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The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.

CFI - I Support Science, Reason, and Freedom of Inquiry We are only able to do as much as we do because of the generous contributions of individuals like you—we receive no government, and very little corporate support. Our supporters are real people who want their government unfettered by religion, who want harmful superstitions dispelled, who want nonbelievers and religious dissenters around the world to be free from persecution, who want reason and science to overcome the burdens placed on our civilization by faith and dogma.

To continue to work toward these goals, we need your support. If you agree with us that an embrace of science, reason, and the values of secular humanism can help make this a better world for everyone, then take actionmake a donation and join us so we can continue our vital work to make our shared goals real.

The Center for Inquiry advances its goals through advocacy, community, and inquiry. No other organization advances science and secularism on as many fronts as CFI. Our activities are numerous, our efforts passionate, and our ambitions grand.

Advocacy. Community. Inquiry.

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CFI is your advocate for secular government at the grassroots, at our nation’s highest courts, on Capitol Hill, and on the world stage, fighting for policies based on reason and science and for free expression around the globe. CFI protestors supporting marriage equality and free expression

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Thanks to your help, a growing movement is being strengthened and unified, and those beginning to question their beliefs are hearing a message of hope and community. With your support, we enrich lives and welcome new explorers to freethought. We provide support and camaraderie to those who seek meaningful interactions outside of religion. group photo from the 2013 Student Leadership Conference

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At the heart of the Center for Inquiry is the freedom to ask questions, using reason and science to arrive at the best answers. We are enlightening minds of all ages and inspiring the innate human desire to learn and explore by providing educational programs, world renowned publications for skeptics and humanists, paranormal investigations, and even a summer camp for the young and inquisitive. girls at Camp Inquiry

Take Action. Donate. Join Us.

When you make a donation to CFI, you become a member of a worldwide movement of humanists, skeptics, atheists, and freethinkers, all working together to promote the secular worldview and give voice to your values!

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