Bricks and Other Recognition

bricks and entrance of CFI HQ in Amherst

The supporters of CFI have always been our foundation—our bricks and mortar. You have helped us to advance our cause. We are now offering you an opportunity to show the world that you support us by joining others and having your name etched on a brick in our patio in Amherst, NY.

  • Small Brick (4” X 8“) $500 or more
  • Large Brick (6” X 9“) $1000 or more
  • Extra-Large Brick (12” X 12”) $10,000 or more

(Other naming opportunities are available. For more information call 1-800-818-7071.)

dedicated brick at CFI HQ in Amherst

When people walk up to the front steps of the Center for Inquiry one of the first things they notice is the attractive patio with engraved bricks. Many of our supporters have chosen to show their support with the purchase of a brick. For some people there is even more meaning behind their brick.

In February 2010, Frank Lopez, a secular humanist, died suddenly from complications of a lifelong medical condition. His partner, Jim Wolfe, is a participant in our SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety) program. Jim and Frank used to attend SOS meetings together, Jim for help with his recovery and Frank to support Jim. Although Jim is a member of a progressive Christian church, he knew that he wanted a secular service for Frank. They held Frank’s memorial service at CFI headquarters.

When Frank died Jim wanted something of “permanence” and then saw our bricks when coming into the building. Last summer Jim contacted the development office inquiring about a memorial brick, with both their names together. We placed his brick so that it could be easily seen from the steps when Jim attends SOS meetings. Jim said that he is very glad that as a result of his relationship with Frank and attending events and SOS meetings at CFI, “secular humanism is woven into the fabric” of his life and has “enriched” him.