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Membership FAQ

When you make a donation to CFI, you are taking action. Your donation makes you a member of a world-wide movement of humanists, skeptics, atheists, and freethinkers, all working together to promote the secular worldview and give voice to your values. Membership is CFI-wide, and includes discounts on registration to CFI events.

We have found that we often answer the same questions regarding the current definition of CFI membership, which is why we have developed this FAQ. If this FAQ list does not answer your questions please contact or call 716.636.4869, ext. 428 for a question-specific response.

1. Who is a CFI member?

a. Any individual who donates $60 or more to CFI at one time.

i. One $60 membership covers all individuals in a single household.

ii. Only the first donation of greater than $60 goes toward membership.

b. Any individual who signs up for CFI’s student/low income $20 membership (and given $20 at one time).

c. Any individual a local branch deems a member by granting membership locally and giving a membership card (at the branches discretion).

2. Will sustaining donations be counted towards membership?

a. Not at the moment. We will re-consider this with the launch of new online forms that will automate the administration of sustaining gifts. Please note that we welcome and appreciate your sustaining gifts very much. We are happy to designate current membership status by giving a membership card to individuals making sustaining donations if they let us know they would like to receive a card.

3. What do members receive?

a. A membership card.

b. Discounts on registration/entry fees at CFI events.

c. Knowledge that you are taking action in helping CFI advance science, reason, and secular values.

4. Do membership cards have expiration dates on them?

a. Yes, the expiration date is listed one year after the date the first $60 donation is received.

5. Will new cards be sent to people who donate $60 or more several times in a year?

a. Members will not receive a card every time they donate. A donor’s first donation of $60 or more to CFI prompts a membership card with an expiration date twelve months later. Further donations within a year of the first gift do not change the date of expiration.

6. How will I know when my membership expires?

a. Membership renewal letters are sent quarterly from HQ. They should be received by individuals around the time of membership expiration.

The goal of membership is to create a sense of belonging to CFI. We invite you to take action. Make a donation to CFI and become a member today!

Last updated 06/06/14

Michele Shaw

“Being a CFI member and volunteer allows me to be part of a strong and vibrant local and national community with a powerful mission and a positive strategy.” – Michele Shaw

Jason Pittman


“I don’t have a lot of money to toss around, but I am so grateful for all that CFI has given me that I made a $1,000 pledge. We need organizations like CFI to fight against religious discrimination and protect the rights of the non-religious.” – Jason Pittman

Jamila Bey

“I have been shunned from my family since I no longer subscribe to their religious traditions. CFI has provided a community of people who accept me because of my doubt in religion and confidence in scientific proof.” – Jamila Bey

Leonard Tramiel

“CFI is unique. It’s diverse application of the principles of reason brings together a huge range of important activities ranging from educational talks to political action to international diplomacy. No other organization comes close.” – Leonard Tramiel



Other ways to support CFI

To learn about other ways to support CFI, including pledges, gift annuities, or bequests, visit the Other Ways to Support CFI page, call CFI Development at 800-818-7071, or email us at

To make a donation by mail, please send contributions to:

Center for Inquiry
P.O. Box 741
Amherst, NY 14226

With your help, we can continue to work toward a secular society based on science, reason, and secular values. Thank you!