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CFI Branches are freethought communities, specifically, Secular Humanists, Skeptics, and Atheists. We sponsor local events, activism, socials, lectures and educational programs. Branches draw upon volunteers and Center for Inquiry Friends (i.e. "members") who are enthusiastic about our agenda and wish to advance freethought. 

Most branches, like ours, are 100% volunteer. We depend upon your time, wisdom, and money to sustain our efforts. Individuals and families work together for mutual support and solidarity. The Center for Inquiry-Tampa Bay offers you an opportunity to put your principles into practice by joining other reasoning people in working for positive change in society. Please join our efforts in being a voice of reason. We truly need you, especially if you have been hesitant to "come out". Join us and find the exhileration of liberation from superstition and humbuggery.


CFI provides an ethical alternative to religious and paranormal worldviews. Because of rising religiosity, anti-intellectualism and political turmoil on ethical issues, it is critical that rationalists and freethinkers join together to protect civil liberties, defend reason, and work toward increasing scientific literacy. Please join in with other freethinkers in the Tampa Bay area so we can better serve and represent our local constituency, estimated at 4,000,000 like-minded people.


A short video, well worth watching and sharing:
It's Time for Science & Reason!

Our latest (short) ad campaign videos:
"Living Without Religion" and "African Americans for Humanism".

Visit our famed affiliate, Tampa Bay Skeptics. Media contact: 813.690.0946.
Founded in 1988, Tampa Bay Skeptics is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization devoted to the critical examination of paranormal and fringe-science claims, and the dissemination of factual information about such claims. We encourage those who wish to help further the cause of skepticism to join TBS! Note that Friends of the Center may receive their first year's TBS membership free.

Featured News

Federal Court: Indiana Must Allow Secular Celebrants to Solemnize Marriages

July 14, 2014

In a landmark victory for nonreligious Americans, the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit unanimously ruled that the state of Indiana must allow marriages to be performed and solemnized by Secular Celebrants, such as those certified by the Center for Inquiry (CFI), the secular group that brought the case.

In an opinion written by Judge Frank Easterbrook, the court recognized… Full Entry »