N. CLEARWATER - CFI-TB’s 13th Annual Darwin Day 2015

Saturday, February 7th 2015 at 12:30 pm
Saturday, March 7th 2015 at 5:00 pm
Clearwater Unitarian Universalist Octagon, 2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater, FL
  • Buy your tickets now, please. We need to know the attendance ASAP.

    Darwin Day--A Celebration of
    Education, Reason & Science

  • Presented by the Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason
    (This replaces CFI-TB's usual meeting for Feb. Only.)

    1. Keynote speaker will be Dr. David Lynn, whose
    groundbreaking researches into the beginning of life
    on our planet have propelled him into the front ranks
    of biological science.

    2. Dr. Elaine Hull from FSU will discuss her
    investigations into the question of whether we are
    intrinsically wired for religion.

    3. Also, we will hear from Dr. Herb Silverman, whose
    notable achievements in South Carolina politics are
    a source of encouragement and humor.
    All our speakers will bring a greater and more useful
    understanding of the human condition.

    Tickets are available now from our member
    organizations. You’ll never spend a better $25.

    Remember, this is your chance to evolve!
    For more information, or to purchase tickets
    online, see: http://www.evolvetampa.com

    Please bring non-perishable food for Tampa Bay Harvest, our Tampa 
    Bay Coalition of Reason food program.

    The Center for Inquiry values full participation at all of its events, including participation from individuals with disabilities. Requests for reasonable accommodation may be made by contacting Bill at  bnorsworthy AT verizon.net or Mark at mbrandt AT tmdlawfirm.com one week before the event.