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Saturday, April 19th 2014 at 11:30 am
Saturday, April 19th 2014 at 1:00 pm
Upper Tampa Bay Regional Public Library, 11211 Countryway Blvd., Tampa, FL 33626-2624

The Secular Humanist Viewpoint Matters.

To be taken seriously in the political arena, humanism must become known for its grassroots organizing. Local groups will bring acclaim to the movement as they are recognized by the media and government officials as participants in the democratic process. 

There are ways we are able to influence outcomes. The aim is to imprint humanistic values on humankind by advancing and maintaining a secular government and a civil society, a culture that is neutral when it comes to religion. Religion has been and continues to be infused within the government at a very rapid rate. It is like an ivy vine winding its way up and around each branch of government choking off science and reason.

Are you ready join our efforts in making a difference? Volunteer by letting Rick know. CFI-Tampa Bay will continue contacting local, state and national politicians of our concerns. Yes, you can help. 

Toni Van Pelt is co-founder,  the public policy director and congressional lobbyist for the Institute for Science and Human Values. As former vice president and public policy director of the Center for Inquiry she organized and directed one of the first public policy offices of the secular humanist movement in Washington, DC focusing on the importance of science, separation of church and state, women’s and LGBTi rights. She continues this work with the Institute. Toni is a host of Eupraxsophy on Air, ISHV’s radio show/podcast.

She currently serves on the board of the National Organization for Women as the Southeast Regional Director. She has recently be elected to the board of directors of the Institute for Humanist Studies.

Please bring non-perishable food for Tampa Bay Harvest, our Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason food program.

The Center for Inquiry values full participation at all of its events, including participation from individuals with disabilities. Requests for reasonable accommodation may be made by contacting the library one week before the event.

Library: 813-273-3652

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