CFI Travel Club

Let the land that inspired Darwin inspire you! Join the CFI Travel Club on an expedition to the Galápagos archipelago. June 20-30, 2014

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What is the CFI Travel Club?

Adventure, discovery, and excitement await you aboard CFI's travel program. We hope you join us for one of many unique excursions, sharing a once in a lifetime experience with skeptics and secular humanists.

The purpose of the travel program is to further the mission of the Center by creating an opportunity where members can meet, mingle, and enjoy an exclusive line-up of events to stimulate the intellect and the senses. A never ending quest for learning, and a commitment to living life well are hallmarks of the Center for Inquiry's Travel Club expeditions.

Travel experiences are planned for all ages. We will work with you to provide quality care and service, making your trip a memorable and exuberant one, so you will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience on all of your CFI Travel Club trips.

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