Travelers Speak Out!

"Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks for a wonderful time. You people did an excellent job of the whole arrangements and looking into every detail. You are simply GREAT! Saro and our boys, Chandru and Kumar, thank you both very much. Let me know if we can do anything. Have a nice, cool summer. Lots of love."
—S. I., Amazon May 20-30, 2008

“Our Galapagos adventure was truly the trip of a lifetime for me and I can’t see how it could have been better. Thank you so much for all the great work you and the others did to make it such a success.”
—T. N., Wylie, TX  Galapagos May 9-19, 2007

"It was great to meet Eddie Tabash; I enjoyed visiting with him at dinner.  I was also very impressed with his public speaking ability.  He knows his subject well, and his points are well-articulated and concise. He has a pleasant speaking voice; he embodies all the things I learned about in speech class. Keep up the good work!"
—Belva Hauxwell, Galapagos  May 9-19, 2007

“Still another was Eddie Tabash, an attorney from California who is a CFI board member. I was familiar with Eddie's articles in Free Inquiry and knew him to be a strong defender of the first amendment. It was great to find him to also be fun guy with a sense of humor. His lecture on the ship was the best summary of the status of our nation's church-state relations I've heard.”
—T. N., Wylie, TX, Galapagos May 9-19, 2007

“The trip surpassed my expectations in every aspect including the ship and all it had to offer, the shore excursions, the scenery and wildlife, and the seminars. Topping the list of pleasures was far and away, the communication with the group of secular humanists on board. It gave me such a feeling of well being to be able to state an opinion and be well received and understanding and feeling compatible with others expressing their thoughts. Thanks for being there, CFI.”
—K. R., West Milton, OH, Alaska, May 28-June 04, 2006

“I loved Dr. Kurtz, I loved Sue Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davis…and Daniel Dennett was one of the most interesting speaks I’ve ever heard!”
—W. H., North Hollywood, CA, Mexico, Dec. 10-17, 2005

Seminars had a nice balance -- arts & sciences. What about smaller seminars with facilitators? Skeptical Jeopardy was lots of fun.
—B.G., Reston, VA, Mexico Dec. 10-17, 2005

“Excellent job overall! Paul Kurtz was wonderful, what an amazing man!”
—G.S., Harrisburg, IL, Mexico Dec. 10-17, 2005

"The cruise was designed with a pleasing mix of time on task and time to socialize. I was happy that lectures and discussions dealt with both philosophical humanism (rationale, arguments, points of view; scientific debunking) and what I call “evangelical humanism” (social strategies, personal ‘coming out,’ making the world better). The often expressed sense of wonder (e.g., Richard Dawkins) and sense of exuberance (e.g., Paul Kurtz) stood in stark contrast to believers’ erroneous stereotype of atheistic Scrooges. I was particularly impressed that Richard Dawkins attended so many of the sessions in which he was not leading." 

—J. C., Atlanta, GA, Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004

"I was recently one of the fortunate folk who was able to travel with a group of free inquirers on the Holland America cruise ship Zaandam and I wanted to record my thanks for such a stimulating and rewarding experience. The tour itself was, of course, beautiful, but the exuberant company and the lively discussion, coupled with such obvious zest for living made the whole experience one that will not be forgotten."
—R. M., Cocoa Beach, FL, Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004

"Wow. The guy that won the psychic shuffleboard is truly gifted. Amazing! I laughed, I cried, I'm still woozy."
—S.A., Bozeman, MT, Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004

"What a feast for thought the cruise was! I truly enjoyed myself, met so many lovely people and came away with much to think about. I'd love to do it again sometime."
—M. D. Owensboro, KY, Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004

"It was wonderful, the weather was great (generally), the accommodations luxurious, and the opportunity to make new, like-minded friends very satisfying." 
—R.B., WV., Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004

"Thank you for all your efforts! The cruise was a great success!"
—R.M., Story, WY, Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004

"We had a wonderful time on the inaugural trip and really exercised our brains and had a lot of extremely stimulating conversations. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new brochure." 

—J W. and .J W., Maricopa, AZ, Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004

"There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't have a flashback of some special event or occurrence from the trip. I truly enjoyed myself. I can actually say that was the most comfortable time I've ever had, very nice being with like minded folks. “
—M. B., Monrovia, CA, Eastern Caribbean Cruise - December 11–18, 2004