Alliance of Civilizations

In the 1990s, Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington ignited a controversy around the world with their claim that "the West" and "Islam" are locked in a "clash of civilizations." Beginning in 1998, the United Nations has launched initiatives intended to counter the idea of a clash and to promote dialogue and mutual understanding, first under the rubric of a Dialogue among Civilizations, and more recently, the Alliance of Civilizations.

Is there a clash of civlizations? Is there a dialogue of civilizations, and in any event, what merit, if any, can be found in the United Nations efforts concerning these issues? In a September 2008 position paper, the Center for Inquiry critically surveys the debate over the notion of a clash of civilizations and the UN reponses. We find the UN responses to be fundamentally flawed, and we propose an alternative that is rooted in secular, liberal values.

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