Abstracts of Scheduled Talks

The Center for Inquiry will welcome an assembly of more than thirty prominent scientists, philosophers, writers, and politicians from around the world to convene for four days of discussions and panels to analyze the role of science in modern life, explore its connections to public policy, and examine its significance for the global community. 

The World Congress XII—two years in the planning—will feature a host of prominent international voices for science and secularism, presented in three major strands:

  • The state of science policy in the “Year of Science” 2009, and the contributions of past innovators
  • The international impact of secularism, science and world civilization
  • An examination of modern scientific skepticism

The attached PDF document is a thirteen-page printable compilation of brief abstract summaries of the various addresses and panels planned for the four-day event. The abstracts are arranged in chronological order according to their scheduled presentations.

Please check back for updates as more abstracts are added.