Gohmert Vociferously Gohmerting

June 11, 2014

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Well this is fun. Thanks to a series of DDOS attacks on websites by hackers looking to extort ransom, I can't access some of my usual sources for news and links. This includes Feedly, my RSS aggregator of choice. So I'm digging around the Internet the old-fashioned way, but some of the places I often go for news simply aren't available. Please use your imagination to fill in any gaps in today's Heresy. It's what I usually do. 

Amid the online demonstrations against Pakistan's censorship of Twitter under its blasphemy laws, Pakistan blocks the petition being circulated by Ex-Muslims of North America. We made a bird. Deseret News covers some of the activity.

CFI will cosponsor demonstrations with a wide array of groups, religious and nonreligious, at the White House and the Sudanese embassy on June 12th and 13th respectively for action on behalf of Meriam Ibrahim.  

Secular activists are reportedly abducted and interrogated by a mob in the Maldives. 

I'm just going to quote Americans United's Sarah Jones's tweet about her boss at a congressional hearing, with "Gohmert vociferously Gohmerting at @barrywlynn for not being Christian enough."

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is expected to sign into law a bill that requires that brain-dead pregnant women be kept on life support.

Source of many conspiracy theories, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is bound for the bulldozer. Why do folks ascribe conspiracies to it?

"It's a weird-looking thing," says Chris Fallen, a researcher at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. The abstruse nature of HAARP's research doesn't help, he says: "If [these scientists do] talk about what they do, then nobody understands what they're talking about." 

Wow: Massimo Pigliucci was on Colbert

Curiosity snaps a picture of Mercury, from Mars. 

Kimberly Winston digs deeper into the exit of Edwina Rogers at SCA. Hemant does his own investigating as well. 

Trevor Logan at First Things reads Peter Boghossian's book A Manual for Creating Atheists and concludes, "the agenda is a dictatorship with Peter Boghossian as Herr Fuhrer." Wow! 

Apparently the Duggars don't just multiply biologically, but culturally too. Ugh. 

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor goes down to defeat in his district primary, losing to a guy no one ever heard of, but who loves Jesus more (Cantor is Jewish), and likes immigrants less.  

Illinois takes a strong step in the direction of mitigating a growing threat to public safety: It has banned microbeads

Tony Ortega at Raw Story (satirically) says the shooting at a Las Vegas WalMart is a false flag within a false flag and chemtrails I think are involved. The word "sheeple" comes up.

40 million bucks, and that plane is still missing.

Quote of the Day

Me, at my computer this morning, trying to access websites and my RSS reader, and the content is very religious:


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#1 Randy (Guest) on Sunday July 06, 2014 at 12:03am


I can relate.  Your work is appreciated.  This is certainly the most informative blog in its category, and it disappoints me that, while I do love to see myself type, there are not more comments from others.

Regarding RSS, I use Brief, a Firefox add-on (no external site required, beyond the feeds of course).  Importantly, it caches locally whatever it reads in the feed, so if the feed disappears (or you just don’t read it for a few months) it is all still there.  I can’t even count how many hundred feeds it monitors for me.  Unfortunately, Firefox is often not up to the task of handling all the news articles I want to open, so it crashes every few days, but it recovers nicely.  (One bright shiny day, Mozilla will realize that if a tab is open and I haven’t visited it, and haven’t forced it to stay open, it should just cache out to disk and effectively close… much nicer than crashing)

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