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August 21, 2013

The Morning Heresy is your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

CFI files an amicus brief in the Massachusetts case about the Pledge of Allegiance, and it's not the usual "violates the First Amendment" argument. 

Coptic Christians face a wave of violence in Egypt at the hands of Morsi-supporting Islamists.

The American Muslim Political Action Committee will hold a mass demonstration in Washington on September 11 to protest "religious profiling."

Hemant interviews Ray Comfort, who says:

I can understand why [atheists] mock me. It’s my fault. I unwisely did my silly banana routine on our TV program, without a LIVE audience (which I had done for 30 years) and, in retrospect, it bombed. 

Also at Friendly AtheistI wonder at what's behind the avuncular manner and amiable rhetoric of Pope Francis.

7th Circuit Court: Atheist prisoners are allowed to form their own study group

Pastors in Galloway Township, NJ (my home town) are not happy with township council members offering prayers at meetings. They want clergy to be able to pray to their specific deities.

The study that has been reported to show that atheists are more intelligent than the religious is probably more accurately described as saying that "more intelligent people may have less need for religion," per reporting from Kimberly Winston. 

Bob Smietana reports on how FFRF is trying to stop the federal government from labeling them as "clergy." 

Buzzfeed posts a map of Members of the U.S. House by their religion. It correctly lists Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona as "none," but on the map page, refers to her as "atheist," which we know she doesn't like. 

Someone stop Teresa MacBain from getting new jobs!!! Pastor, American Atheists, Humanists of Florida, and now she's the new director of the Humanist Community Project at Harvard University. (Seriously, though, congratulations, Teresa. Sounds like a great fit!)

Also, Bridget Gaudette now becomes head of Humanists of Florida - congratulations to her too! 

Devangshu Datta at Forbes' India publication argues for having the option to tick "no religion" in India's census. 

Crook who sold fake bomb detectors get seven years

Candace Chellew-Hodge on how the religious right is training its hate anew at transgender folks. 

A guy in China charges almost $4000 for an exorcism with his penis. I feel bad for even typing that.  

Not -- I repeat NOT -- a space jellyfish

The Atlantic has a photo feature on four weddings, one of which is a humanist ceremony. 

Quote of the Day

Jeffrey Weiss knows what's up: Our One True Prophet is The Steve (peace be upon him):

Apple insiders famously had a phrase to describe the effect that Jobs could have on people: the “reality distortion field.” Which sounds like the power wielded by a biblical prophet, no?    

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