Rhythmic Fluctuations of Cerebrospinal Fluid for Fun and Profit

August 27, 2013

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Kimberly Winston gives feature treatment to the Freethought Trail, a project of the Council for Secular Humanism, which is a self-guided tour through the sites of historic importance to the secularist cause in the 19th century.  

Ebook service Smashwords tampers with an atheist client's book about God's non-existence, sneaking in religious material, and refusing to own up. 

Tonight, tonight, tonight, oh-oooohhhhh, we're gonna light the night! Tonight, oh-ooooohhhh. (Ahem. That is, tonight at 8pm ET the CFI On Campus On-Air Session will cover Light the Night and Hug an Atheist Week.)

To the Egyptian military, which is trying to quash resistance to the recent coup, anyone who might be liberal, a labor activist, or any kind of dissenter, is a "dangerous Islamist." 

Turns out the man who "wrote the book" on bankruptcy law is also a quacky energy healer

At the CSI website, Luis Alfonso Gámez writes in Spanish about UFO conspiracy believers who unknowingly helped keep real secrets secret, aka, "The useful idiots of Area 51." (Run it through Google's auto-translator if you're using Chrome.)

New Jersey just told Dave Silverman he can't have a license plate that says "atheist." Uh oh

Meanwhile in the Garden State, Christian activists do battle against the new gay-conversion therapy ban. Because that's totally a fight you want to get into. 

The Verge does a piece on the psychological effects of the microbes in your gut, and Steven Novella isn't so sure about it

Joe Nickell updates us on the "human torch baby" in India, and praises the work of one doctor who is working to get the case investigated not as "spontaneous human combustion" but as a possible crime committed on the child. 

HuffPo's Michael Bolen makes a case for atheist church:

As stridently anti-religious as I've often been, I have to admit I've caught myself praying in the shower before. Simply pleas to no god in particular for strength or luck or rest that always made me feel a little bit like a fraud. Now that I know ritual trumps belief, maybe I can take my prayer to church without feeling like a heretic to science. 

No, Satanists didn't sacrifice a pony (the very thought!).  

Forbes columnist makes a dubious point about how atheists are already getting "parsonage" tax breaks because some Unitarians are atheists.  

Perennial atheist candidate Mike Smith is back, off to run for mayor of LaGrange, GA

Improvised explosive device allegedly used near a war memorial cross currently opposed by FFRF, so atheists are now terrorists, QED. 

You know, I haven't felt my best lately. Maybe I should go get some cranial manipulation done to maximize the rhythmic fluctuations of my cerebrospinal fluid. I'm sorry, what?

Okay, fine. But if I get diabetes, I'm going to go look into this cure being offered by chiropractors...what's wrong now? 

The wear-a-colander-on-your-head trend is picking up. Rahmen. 

I need to start keeping a chart of uncritical reports on homeopathy. They are rampant lately. Here's one about using it on your cat

Gosh, I hope I don't have the plague. No really, it's coming back

Quote of the Day

Ken Ham doesn't like atheists making fun of the whole Creation-Museum-employee-struck-by-lightning thing:

Most of them, as is usual for these secularists, get their facts way wrong – they just quote each other and so the legend grows!

You wouldn't know anything about that, Ken, would you?

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