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August 29, 2013

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An arrest is made in the murder of Indian skeptic activist Narendra Dabholkar.

An appeals court backs the Ohio hospital that wanted to treat a girl with leukemia, whose Amish parents refused chemotherapy for her.

Wow: a not-crazy theory says that life on Earth may have originated on Mars after hitching a ride on meteorites. 

Sharon Hill poses an interesting question: Can UFO research be genuinely scientific

Also on the topic of aliens, a new book on the search for extraterrestrial life is coming, entitled Five Billion Years of Solitude

Everybody, I hope you're making your plans to come to the skepto-atheist ultra-convention, the CFI Summit. We have a Facebook event page so you can socially network and "like" things to your heart's content. 

This story is so bizarre and horrific it's hard to believe: A South Korean news outlet reports that 12 North Korean performers, including the former girlfriend of Kim Jong-un, were gunned down by a firing squad for allegedly trafficking in porn, as family in friends were forced to watch their demise. Those onlookers carrying Bibles were "detained and all were treated as political dissidents."

SCA's Edwina Rogers gets a DC star turn with a big feature profile in Washingtonian Magazine

Scott Gavura: When you hear "integrative medicine," it's a Trojan Horse for alt-med and pseudoscience

A new poll shows that most Britons think climate change is real and human-made, but it's not a huge majority: 56%. 

The Islamist Tunisian government begins a crackdown on extremist Islamists

SSA launches a Secular Safe Zone project. 

Dude steals his dad's corpse from a cemetery (called, weirdly, "Gethsemane") in hopes of resurrecting him

A new element, with atomic number 115, is confirmed. 

The NYPD is apparently labeling entire mosques as terrorist organizations. Says the AP:

Designating an entire mosque as a terrorism enterprise means that anyone who attends prayer services there is a potential subject of an investigation and fair game for surveillance. 

University of California Santa Barbara researchers argue that "the association between science and morality is so ingrained that merely thinking about it can trigger more moral behavior." So before you torrent that next Game of Thrones episode, think about how you're made of star stuff.

Science: Haters are, in fact, going to hate

The state of New Jersey relents on the "ATHE1ST" license plate, unable to withstand the power that is Dave Silverman's ire. 

Speaking of which, the eye of American Atheists turns toward a 9/11 memorial cross in Princeton. 

(By the way, I had to look up what "twerking" was, and I immediately regretted it.) 

Jennifer Raff offers handy advice on how to read a scientific paper

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., who claimed to have handled UFO debris in Roswell as a boy, is dead at 76

Brett McCracken, an evangelical himself, is wary of the younger members of his sect's rebranding efforts

All of this is fantastic; it's encouraging to see evangelicals engaging and loving the world around them rather than hiding away and biding time before the Rapture. But part of me wonders: in their attempts to downplay their quirky differences from the unbelieving world, have evangelicals gone too far, to the point that it's hard to know what makes them different at all? 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ray Comfort says Miley Cyrus's gyrations are "the fruit of humanism" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

Quote of the Day

American Humanist Association reminds us of the humanist connection to the March on Washington, in the person of march planner Asa Philip Randolph. Here's more information on him from our own African Americans for Humanism site, and here, a taste of Mr. Randolph's own words:

Prayer is not one of our remedies; it depends on what one is praying for. We consider prayer as nothing more than a fervent wish; consequently the merit and worth of a prayer depend upon what the fervent wish is.

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