Dear Steve Harvey…

June 13, 2009

Relationship guru Steve Harvey has been married 3 times

Dear Steve Harvey,

Your recent jaw-flapping about how atheists are idiots and have no moral barometer pissed off a lot of people and has drawn some serious anger toward you.

You told Joy Behar on   Larry King Live :

"...but if you don’t believe in God, then really you’ve got to have an explanation for this, and you just can’t tell me this spun out of a gastreous (sic) ball."

  See it here

  (Gastreous? Huh…?)

Even though this got my back up a bit, I’m not going to get into a lot of name calling like you did. It just further boils everyone’s blood and doesn’t advance any ideas.

Also, you should know that I like and respect you as a performer. I think you’re a funny guy, despite the fact that there are now lots of angry people out there who are calling you a hack because they didn’t like what you said about them.

But you’re not a hack.

I know. I made my living doing stand-up for 5 years and have seen and worked with hundreds of comedians - many of whom   were (are) hacks. You’re better than the hacks. Much better…

But what you are - and please take this with the loving spirit in which I deliver it - is ignorant. Not   stupid - at some level you must be a bright and perceptive guy - but you are ignorant. Jesus are you ignorant…

Ok, true, we’re   all ignorant about lots of things, but not everyone gets your opportunities to prove it on national television.

You’re ignorant of the science behind how the world was formed, about how evolution works, and about how perfectly decent people can have well-functioning ethical systems without believing in God or anything supernatural.

When you say…

"...then all of a sudden then we were evolved from monkeys-why we still got monkeys? There’s too much open here. I just believe that, and if you don’t believe that, then I don’t like talking to you."

...every half-decent scientist in the world is laughing   at you, not with you. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are buying into your rant, but the people who know better aren’t having any of it.

Your confidence and stage demeanor help you   sound like you know what you’re talking about, but man, Steve… open up a book now and then! That "evolved from monkeys" shit is old and shot to pieces.

(By the way, just for the record…   no one on the science side says we evolved from monkeys.)

Let me help you out a bit.

Don’t just sit there and glibly say   this doesn’t sound right to me so it must be stupid . Hell, that’s the oldest fallacy of logic known to man-argument from ignorance.

Can you imagine how   little humanity would collectively know if   you - or anyone for that matter - were the sole arbiter of what   sounds right? Just remember, every new discovery turns someone who engages in this fallacy into a fool.

Tiny bacteria causing infectious diseases? Earth orbits the sun? Continents on giant moving plates? How many people said - à la Steve Harvey - "you’re an idiot" to believe these notions or "There’s too much open here" before accepting these facts?

That you are ignorant of the arguments that belie what you say   may not be your fault. The black communities of our nation are among the most religious in the U.S. Being a non-believer in such an environment isn’t easy.

Sikivu Hutchinson, writes in the   L.A. Watts Times :

"In some black communities it’s akin to donning a white sheet and a Confederate flag. In others, it’s ostensibly tolerated yet whispered about, branded culturally incorrect and bad form, if not outright sacrilege.

For black atheists like myself, proclaiming one’s non-belief amidst genial wishes to "have a blessed day" is never easy in the seemingly innocuous context of casual chit chat between black folk." (

  Read the full article here


Alright, you made some uninformed statements, but Steve, you don’t have to   stay ignorant the rest of your life.

It’s not too late.

Check out Robert Ingersoll, Bertrand Russell, Confucius, Gandhi, Paul Kurtz - or any number of writers and philosophers who have written on religion and ethics. Read some modern science and get caught-up with what we know about how the universe works. It’s fascinating stuff!

Maybe after you crack through the limits of your own perspective you’ll change your mind about atheists and get back some of the fans you probably deserve.



#1 asanta on Thursday June 18, 2009 at 7:11pm

No, No! Not Steve Harvey too!!

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