Sen. Claire McCaskill Appears on NPR Game Show in honor of Blasphemy Day

October 4, 2009

Living in Missouri, I am a big fan of our junior Senator, Claire McCaskill. Yesterday she appeared on National Public Radio's popular quiz show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me , which is billed as "the oddly informative news quiz." From the NPR website:

The Missouri Democrat visits Wait Wait to try her hand at the NPR News quiz. She'll answer three questions in honor of International Blasphemy Day, which was — in case you missed it — on Wednesday.

Questions covered blasphemy laws in the UK, some jokes at God's expense, trivia about Monty Python's blasphemous movie Life of Brian , and the like. At one point, McCaskill expressed a "my gosh," and then, in light of Blasphemy Day, said something like "maybe I should say 'My God!"

How great it is that in honor of CFI's International Blasphemy Day, a nationally prominent elected official and a popular radio host take the idea of blasphemy so nonchalantly. Afterall, we here at CFI think blasphemy is literally a victimless crime.

Listen to Sen. Claire McCaskill's appearance on the gameshow here .


#1 Martin Mueller (Guest) on Sunday October 04, 2009 at 6:49pm

I agree—the segment with Claire McCaskill was cheerful, funny, and very effective. More of the same, please!

#2 mz (Guest) on Monday October 05, 2009 at 3:34am

Sweet lord!  This country’s headed to hell in a handbasket!

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