“You (non-Christian) Kids Get Off My Lawn!”

February 26, 2014


Two letters in this morning’s L.A. Times chapped my hide before I could down my first sip of coffee.


The first scolded four Catholic bishops in Arizona for supporting legislation that will give business owners the right to refuse service to customers who happen to be gay. That's fine, but the letter-writer implies that it’s not very “Christian” of the church to be so intolerant.


Is this person kidding, or unaware?


Hard-core Christians (of many varieties) are intolerant of gays marrying, living in their apartment buildings, and patronizing their businesses. They are intolerant of near unanimously-accepted science (read evolution) being taught in our public schools. They are intolerant of legal efforts to remove their particular religious symbols from government institutions that represent all Americans. The list of what they are intolerant of goes on and on…


Hell, the Christian god invented intolerance when Eve made one mistake.


Moderate Christians should understand that they are in danger of being lumped-in with their bigoted brethren. They are the religious equivalent of the cranky old man yelling, “You kids get off my lawn!” Nowadays, to be intolerant is not the opposite of being Christian, it’s the essence of it!


For some reason, the second letter the L.A. Times printed on this subject added the word “atheist” in a very telling way. Here’s the whole letter:


“Would the Arizona legislation to allow a business owner to refuse service to a gay person also apply to an atheist homophobic business owner?”


Why would someone add atheist to that hypothetical example? We’re not the homophobic ones!


Question: How many atheist or humanist organizations have come out against gay rights, gay marriage, evolution being taught in schools, or a secular government?


Zero. NONE!




We freethinkers also have a lot of PR work ahead of us.


#1 Randy (Guest) on Monday March 03, 2014 at 11:47pm

“Why would someone add atheist to that hypothetical example? We’re not the homophobic ones!”

Have we forgotten Julia Gillard, ex-PM of Australia already?  I guess being the first female leader of almost a whole continent doesn’t count for much these days.

As for organizations… we’re not really joiners.  I don’t think CFI, American Atheists, or anyone else can claim to represent atheists.

Recent Pew studies show that about 15% of atheists & agnostics oppose same-sex marriage.  Without a religious reason, this stems from pure homophobia.

If I knew more about the former USSR, and current PRC, I’d consider mentioning them further as well.

And, a blog on this very site reported on another atheist homophobe, Charlie Check’m.

Claiming that homophobic atheists aren’t part of our population is as ridiculous as the President of Zimbabwe claiming that he just found out that there are gay people in his country (which he said yesterday).

And the quoted question is legitimate.  If religious people are going to be privileged over atheist people, then that’s another valid reason to oppose such laws.

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