Episode 15 - Darwin’s Impact, Then and Now, Part 2

February 08, 2010

This episode presents Part Two of a two-part panel discussion from 2009’s Darwin Day celebration at the Center for Inquiry / Transnational in Amherst, New York. Two physicians and a biologist explore the applications of evolutionary theory to the “front lines” of science.

Panelists include Parag Parikh, M. D., an ear, nose, and throat surgeon from Niagara Falls, New York; Brahm Segal, M. D., associate professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo Medical School and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Roswell Park Cancer Institute; and Glenn Morrow, Ph. D., associate professor in the department of biology at Medaille College in Buffalo, New York.

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Episode 15 - Darwin’s Impact, Then and Now, Part 2



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