Science, Magic, and Skepticism + HEAVY MENTAL

Saturday, October 24th 2009 at 1:00 pm
Saturday, October 24th 2009 at 9:30 pm

Jamy Ian Swiss
World-renowned magician and
mentalist is coming to Washington, D.C.
for two special events!

Saturday, October 24
The Auditorium at AAAS

Science, Magic & Skepticism:
A Natural Relationship
(Daytime Lectures & Demonstrations)
1:00 - 5:30 PM


(Evening Performance)
7:30 PM

"Don't miss ASTONISHING magician Jamy Ian Swiss!" —  Vanity Fair

"STUNNING!" —  New York Press         "DAZZLING!" —  TimeOut NY

"Professional magician Jamy Ian Swiss, who describes himself as 'an honest liar,'
is one CONFIRMED SKEPTIC with a finely tuned sense of the absurd."
The Washington Post

"You're freaking me out." —  Matt Lauer, The TODAY Show


1:00-5:30 PM - Science, Magic, and Skepticism: A Natural Relationship
Workshop/Lectures & Demonstrations

Using discussion and demonstration, we'll explore the connection between magic and skepticism .   Joining Jamy will be  D.J. Grothe , magician, skeptic, and host of  Point of Inquiry , CFI's radio show and podcast, and D.C.'s own Chip Denman, a founder of the National Capital Area Skeptics .

  • D.J. Grothe, The History of Magic in Skepticism
  • Jamy Ian Swiss, The Illusion of Psychic Powers
  • Q&A on Magic, Skepticism, Science, and Reason - with Swiss, Grothe, and Denman.

7:30 PM -   Show

Witness an amazing performance of baffling, unnerving, "mind reading" phenomena - accomplished with pure psycology, subtle influence, deft illusion, uncanny intuition, and a healthy dose of downright deception - what Jamy calls "sleight of mind."

If there was such a thing as psychic power, it would have to look like this!  Come and see for yourself how five ordinary senses can convince you that somehow, some way - there must be a sixth.

Register Today!

Workshop:  $35 ($30 for CFI and NCAS members and $15 for students)
HEAVY MENTAL Show :  $20 ($15 for CFI and NCAS members and $10 for students)
Workshop & Heavy Mental Show Package:  $50 ($40 for CFI and NCAS members and $20 for students)

SPECIAL NOTE: The HEAVY MENTAL show is not recommended for children under 12 and no one under 8 will be admitted.

These events are sponsored by the Center for Inquiry DC and the National Capital Area Skeptics .  For more information, please call (202)546-2332 or email .