Humanists in Uganda Need Our Help

August 8, 2014

Our humanist allies in Uganda badly need your help after a cruel and violent robbery left them with almost nothing.

The Humanist Association for Leadership, Equity, and Accountability (HALEA), based in the slums of Kamapala, Uganda’s capital, has for six years SHARE Uganda HALEAbeen doing tremendous, inspiring work with unemployed, pregnant, and other at-risk teenagers in the poorest districts of the city, where crime, violence and superstition play a poisonous role in destroying their already slim chances of fending for themselves. CFI’s Uganda branch has been working closely with them.

Late last month four men approached HALEA’s headquarters in a large car demanding access to the group’s offices. When the security guard refused them entry, they uprooted the HALEA sign and threw it into their neighboring office’s front yard. A few days later, they forced their way in, beat the security guard unconscious, and ransacked the place. All of HALEA’s computers, cameras, phones, printers, microphones, power cords, DVD players, and some CDs were taken. They also took their entire cash reserve of US$1,425; money that had been carefully marshaled over many years, helped by, among others, CFI.


As a result of this heinous burglary HALEA needs $7,000 to re-establish its work in the slums of Kampala. CFI has activated SHARE, the Skeptics and Humanists Aid and Relief Effort, to address this tragedy. Please donate as generously as you are able so we can make up for six years of lost progress and get HALEA back to work. It’s difficult for me to imagine a secular and humanist organization more worthy of your support than HALEA. They were making real and measurable progress before this horrible crime. All money collected up to $10,000 will be given directly to HALEA. Anything over that amount will be set aside for CFI–International so they can continue promoting science, reason, and secular values world-wide.

is a project of CFI that collects money for disaster relief efforts without the intermediary of a religious organization. The money collected through SHARE goes directly to secular relief efforts in afflicted areas. By donating to SHARE, you can pool your resources with other like-minded individuals who wish to effect real change in the world. You are also showing that it is possible to be good without god.

In many parts of the world, we need to do much more than just debate religious believers and show that you can be good without god. Religion is still costing people their lives and livelihoods if they don’t believe the “right” way. CFI International has been hard at work to remedy this situation and broaden our real impact on the ground. One way to increase that impact is to lend a hand today to our friends at HALEA.

All money collected up to $10,000 through this SHARE campaign will be given directly to HALEA so they can continue their important work. Together we can make a difference. Thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours,

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Bill Cooke
Director of International Programs
Center for Inquiry