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Secular Group Lauds Poll Showing Americans’ Rejection of Vouchers for Religious and Private Schools

August 21, 2013

Center for Inquiry joins its coalition partners in calling for an end to the voucher experiment 

A new poll out today from Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup shows that 70% of Americans reject public funding of private and religious schools through voucher programs, the highest number in two decades. The Center for Inquiry (CFI), an organization dedicated to science, reason, and secular values, heralded the findings.

“Not only do voucher programs shift public funds away from an education system which sorely needs them, they also serve the insidious purpose of funneling taxpayer dollars to unaccountable religious schools and institutions that teach sectarian dogma and pseudoscience, and discriminate in employment,” said Michael De Dora, public policy director of CFI. “Voucher programs are a violation of our founding secular principles, and it is heartening to know that the American people see through its proponents’ façade of reform.”

CFI is a member of the National Center For Public Education (NCPE), a coalition of organizations working together in support of a strong, constitutionally sound public school system.

Added De Dora, “We sincerely hope that this new data showing overwhelming public opposition to taxpayer-funded vouchers serves as a wakeup call to policymakers: the bill of goods being sold as education reform is finding no buyers.”

See the official press release of the NCPE coalition here.

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