Press Release Archives for December, 2013

Goodwill without God Celebrated in Times Square New Year’s Ad

December 23, 2013

Secular humanists are bringing good wishes for the New Year to Times Square, showing that the love and joy of the season can be fully experienced without religion. A major electronic billboard advertisement from the Center for Inquiry (CFI), an international secular advocacy organization, will go live this week in …Full Release »

Prisoners Provided with Books on Atheism and Science in Secular Humanist Initiative

December 05, 2013

Center for Inquiry to Donate Books to Freethinking Inmates, Arrange Pen Pal Connections

The Freethought Books Project, an initiative to provide prisoners with books on science and secular thought, is being taken on by the Center for Inquiry (CFI), an international secular humanist think tank and advocacy …Full Release »