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Center for Inquiry Files Amicus Brief in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

October 16, 2007

Los Angeles, CA --The Center for Inquiry is pleased to announce that the California Supreme Court has exercised its discretion to accept an amicus brief written and filed by Edward Tabash, Chair of the Center's First Amendment Task Force, in the same-sex marriage case now pending before the Court (Case No. S147999).  The Center's brief supports the position of the City of San Francisco that the ban on same-sex marriage should be overturned.

The Center, along with its affiliate, the Council for Secular Humanism, argue that the ban on same-sex marriage violates both the California and United States Constitutions because the ban has an exclusively religious purpose. Tabash asserts that, "Confining marriage to heterosexual couples serves no secular propose. Gay and lesbian couples in committed relationships are entitled to the same benefits as heterosexual couples." He added that "although some religious institutions object to same-sex marriage, a fundamental principle of our society is that religious beliefs cannot dictate the content of our laws." The amicus brief presents convincing evidence, including legislative history, demonstrating that the ban on same-sex marriages is based on, and motivated by, religious doctrine.

The Court is expected to issue a decision some time in 2008. Attorney Edward Tabash is available for interview by contacting Nathan Bupp at (716) 636-4869, ext. 218; or e-mail at .

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