Landmark Conference on Religion & Politics in NYC

August 1, 2007

The Secular Society & Its Enemies: Nov. 9 - 11

Join CFI-NYC for a landmark conference on religion, secularism and politics.   The Secular Society & Its Enemies will be held on Nov. 9 - 11, 2007 at the New York Academy of Sciences' new space at 7 World Trade Center, overlooking the World Trade Center site and construction site of the Freedom Tower.  Speakers include, among others, "New Atheist" author Christopher Hitchens, celebrated defense attorney and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, bioethicist, author and Princeton professor Peter Singer, astrophysicist and television personality Neil deGrasse Tyson, lawyer and social critic Wendy Kaminer, philosopher and CFI Chair Paul Kurtz, author and media producer Ann Druyan, and an unannounced, Very Special Guest.   See our conference brochure for more information.

Cost is $289 per person for general conference registration and $69 per person for the VIP Reception and Awards Presentation on Fri., Nov. 9. Space is limited.   Late registrants will be accommodated in an audience overflow room with live video feed. All persons sitting in the overflow room will receive a special souvenir to compensate for the inconvenience.

To RSVP, call Cheryl Catania at (716) 636-4869 ext. 308, or use the following registration form . For updates and further details see .