Blog Archives for March, 2010

Guttmacher Institute Grades Health Care Legislation on Reproductive Rights

Matt Separa — March 31, 2010

Institute cautions that while advances were made, the legislation also includes some setbacks for reproductive health.

OPP Attends Panel on DADT Repeal

Matt Separa — March 24, 2010

Report recommendations and panel focus on how to implement repeal.

Study Shows Little Change in Treatment in Politicization of Science under Obama Administration

Matt Separa — March 19, 2010

The President campaigned on a promise to increase integrity in government science, but has he been able to do so?

The Texas Textbook Massacre

Matt Separa — March 15, 2010

It’s U.S. History v. Texas Board of Education and history is losing.

Religious Rights: Hiring Discrimination?

Matt Separa — March 09, 2010

When will the government prevent religious groups from using taxpayer dollars to discriminate?

Thou Shalt Not Place Thy Religious Symbols on Government Property

Matt Separa — March 05, 2010

Supreme Court lets ruling stand on Ten Commandments at Oklahoma courthouse, holds that monument improperly endorses religion.