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Coalition to State Department: Press for Release of Jailed Saudi Activists

Michael De Dora — June 25, 2014

Religious and secularist human rights organizations and leaders urge U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to take an active role in securing the immediate and unconditional release of Waleed Abu al-Khair and Raif Badawi. 

CFI Tells Federal Court: End Taxpayer Funding of Clergy Housing

Michael De Dora — June 24, 2014

The Center for Inquiry argues that the Court of Appeals should uphold a ruling that the Parsonage Exemption is unconstitutional and violates the Establishment Clause.

Tell Your D.C. Councilmember to Protect Employees’ Reproductive Rights

Michael De Dora — June 19, 2014

Urge your D.C. Councilmember to support a bill that would make it illegal for employers in D.C. to fire or otherwise discriminate against their employees over reproductive health care decisions, such as using birth control or in vitro fertilization. 

CFI Among 90 Groups Urging White House to Close Loophole Allowing Taxpayer-Funded Discrimination

Michael De Dora — June 11, 2014

The Center for Inquiry was among 90 organizations to sign a letter sent this week to U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder calling for the end to a legal loophole that allows faith-based groups to accept taxpayer funding to provide social services, yet still discriminate on religious grounds when hiring staff.

Ohio Bill Would Block Abortion and Birth Control Coverage: Tell Your Lawmakers to Oppose It

Michael De Dora — June 09, 2014

Ohio: urge your state representative to oppose a bill that would ban public and private health plans across the state from providing insurance coverage for abortion. 

CFI Launches Campaign to Keep Religion and Pseudoscience Out of Health Care

Michael De Dora — June 03, 2014

With your help, we at the Center for Inquiry have been fighting on all fronts in the battle against superstition and pseudoscience in health care and medicine. The time has come for us all to take this fight to a new level.

Advocacy Update — May 2014: Human Rights in the Sudan, Access to Abortion, and Government Prayer

Michael De Dora — June 02, 2014

The Center for Inquiry's Office of Public Policy monthly update highlighting some of our recent activity for members and followers.