How to comment on undoing the “provider refusal” regulation

March 12, 2009

The Obama administration is proposing a rule to overturn the “provider refusal” regulation. (See below, “Rule to Overrule the ‘provider refusal’ regulation”). The overturning regulation is going through the usual process, including a comment period through April 9.

CFI's Office of Public Policy has sent out an Action Alert through the Get Active program. If you didn't get it on your email, please send a comment right now. It doesn’t have to be very long, just a few sentences saying, in effect, please remove this rule because it could hurt a lot of people who need health services, including not only abortion and contraception but also HIV/AIDS and end-of-life services–any services where ideology could interfere with medical assistance. Email your comment to .

DO IT NOW . This regulation should never have been enacted in the first place, so now is the time to erase it. Let’s take ideology out of medical services.
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